I placed a order about a week now and I know I cut it way too close as I ran out two days ago. I grabbed a bag of the closest thing I could find at Petco to tide us over but my kitties are not fooled, they are hissing at the new stuff and then doing all of their business on the floor ~ Andria

I buy it because it controls the odor. I don’t care how much it costs. It stops the smell. ~ Faye

I just love your product and have been using it in my multi cat household for 3 years.
I travel into Portland now for your product for we get the 20 pound bag and it lasts our house 2 months.  ~ Donnielle

I use one bag a week. I won’t need any until August.  ~ John, a 3 cat household

I think you’ve got a great product. I just opened up some earlier this week and I think it’s doing really good. I think you are going to do really good with this. ~Richard

“I thought that I would prefer a bulk bag, which is what I had first purchased, but found that the 2# packages were easy to use and the perfect amount…..no fuss no mess and I know that I am not using more than I need to.”                                                                                               ~Gail, a mail order customer

“I got online thinking I’ll buy the product online and just pay for shipping but voila! I can go to Personal Beast which is in my neighborhood! I am so glad I went online! We love Kitty’s Gone Green. ”                                                                                                                                     ~Jean

“I’m definitely hooked on KGG.  No stinky odors – all I can smell is fresh wood/grass which is so nice.  It’s just blows my mind away that so little litter is used, no clumps to scoop, no bad smells…it’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to actually experience it.  Flush the solid waste away, fluff up and stir in the spots where the cats have urinated, that’s it!  And it hardly tracks outside the box – easy to sweep up and easy on bare feet. No more hauling heavy sacks of regular litter.  Used litter in paper sacks for disposal (or use in the yard) is about as environmentally friendly as it gets.”
~ Sue Willis, President of The Warm Milk Brigade Feline Rescue, Gresham, Oregon

I have been using Kitty’s Gone Green Litter for well over a year now, ever since I first met Kathy. With three cat’s in the house we were getting kind of stinky on hot summer days. Ever since using this litter we are odor free and the garden and plant pots are also benefiting. I can’t say enough good words in praise of all Kathy has done and is continuing to do for the benefit of cats everywhere. For you to really understand all the benefits to your own cats and your household try Kitty’s Gone Green Litter. I promise, you too will become a believer.
~ Georgette, from posting on Spot Magazine comment October 2011

I have been using this litter for one month. The litter box is 5 feet from my bed and my husband would complain of the smell at times. He no longer complains, and less of this litter needs to be used. It is the best litter yet.
~ June Y., from posting on Spot Magazine comment October 2011

“We love Kitty’s Gone Green for our cats. It really keeps the smell down and it lasts a long time. I can’t believe how much less
we need to change our boxes from when we were using Good Mews.”
~ Beccy K., Beaverton, OR

“The cats really like Kitty’s Gone Green, and the odor control is
~Kristin Spurkland, director of House of Dreams, Portland, OR

“I don’t know how much closer to perfection you can get.”
~Shirley S., volunteer for House of Dreams

“There doesn’t seem to be any odor from Kitty’s Gone Green! I just remove the solid waste daily and give the litter a stir. It’s
like the litter totally regenerates itself. I’m impressed with your product and it seems my cats are as well. My cat Abby always
preferred to use the carpet instead of her box, but is now inside her igloo litter box pawing away at your litter! Thanks for a
great product! I’ve told all my friends. I hope more stores will start stocking Kitty’s Gone Green!”
~ Steve M., cat rescuer, Sacramento, CA