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Critter Folks Rescuing Critters support handicapped cats and other animals as we are able to, provide information about spay and neuter and support pet therapy. If you are interested in purchasing prints, please email at for pricing.

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Scottish Wildcat Kitten

Scottish Wildcat Kitten matted and framed.

Unique to Britain, and now only found in Scotland, the Scottish wildcat is currently classified as an isolated island population of the European wildcat. Wildcats may only live for 2 – 3 years in the wild because of threats from disease, accidental persecution and traffic. There are thought to be less than 300 Scottish wildcats left in the wild compared with 100,000 feral domestic cats

Rare white lioness Gerda at Taigan Lion Park in Crimea. It is hard to determine exactly how many White Lions there are in captivity today, because they are held in captive breeding and canned hunting operations, which don’t keep adequate records. Based on available evidence, we estimate there are less than 300 White Lions worldwide.Since there are currently (2015) only 13 White Lions in the wild, in their endemic range, White Lions are critically endangered. Any White Lions born or reintroduced to the wild are not protected. White lions are not albinos. Like blue eyes in humans, the animals’ white colour is caused by a recessive gene shared by both parents. Staff at Yalta Zoo (sister zoo affiliated with Taigan Lion Park), where the first two female cubs were born, said they weren’t expecting the white cubs, which came from a normal-coloured tawny mother. Gerda is one of the cubs and is now (2017) approximately 2 years old. Twenty-five percent of the sale price will be donated to Taigan to continue saving these animals and all the others in their care. Another twenty-five percent will go towards the building of the sanctuary, pet hospital and supporting medical care of rescued and handicapped animals.

This is a Saw Whet Owl. I decided to create this pose based on a study I did about small owls. I added the dragon fly coming for dinner as irony of the tiny owl living in a tree trunk hole. I am sure there are real pictures of something like this but this is a totally created image from my imagination. All proceeds from the sale of this drawing will go towards the building of the sanctuary, pet hospital and supporting medical care of rescued and handicapped animals.

This is a character drawing of BC (Baby Cat) by Kevin Nealon. Kevin is an accomplished artist in addition to being a great comedian and actor. He was on Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1995. He is recently on Man With A Plan on CBS.

I had the opportunity to meet Kevin in 2000 at a fund raiser in Portland, Oregon. I had been given a ticket to the event by someone who was unable to go. I went having no idea of what it was about but I had my packet of pictures of the handicapped cats I supported at the time. I had the impression that I could persuade someone there to help support my work helping handicapped cats from being randomly euthanized.

I went in my jeans, sweat shirt, beat up tennis shoes and picture packet in hand. I entered this room and there was Champaign, people dressed in formals/suits and an array of food from some of the most expensive places in Portland. As I walked in, people turned to see who walked in and I immediately saw their response to my jeans, sweat shirt, beat up shoes.

Shock is the only real word to describe their response to seeing me. But I remained. No one dared approach me and my filthy sneakers. I attempted to talk to a few and offered to show them my pictures but to no avail. No one was going to be caught dead speaking with the riff raff of the streets. So I decided to stay and see how the upper class did things and I watched.

They did a silent auction thing raising thousands of dollars. Then this guy goes up to the little stage thing they had set up, announced he was Kevin Nealon and began telling jokes and doing a routine to help raise money for the silent auction items. At the end he did an auction of a robe from Africa. It was the surprise auction item. They got something like $5000.00 for it. Then Kevin announced he would be going round the room and doing character drawings. And that was when I came up with a plan.

I began following Kevin around the room.  As he finished a drawing he would hold it up and everyone in the room oooh’d and ahhhh’d. I stalked him like a cat after prey and he noticed. He did look a little uncomfortable. Then someone in a tux mentioned to me that I should go stand over in the corner and just watch. I was a bit miffed and went over to the corner where there was a water fountain and a big table to put my pictures on thinking I would be able to corner one of those wealthy folks to look at my pictures and help with the cats.

Nobody came over and as I was about to give up, here came Kevin. He looked a little nervous but he was obviously wanting a drink of water and I was in the way. He did go past me looking askance at me as he went by. As he was walking back to go back to the crowd I spoke up and asked if he would like to see the pictures of the handicapped cats. He actually looked relieved and agreed to look. As he was looking, he came to BC.

I explained the story of BC and her rescue a few years earlier in 1999. He was looking down at the picture when I asked if he could do a drawing of BC. His head was down looking at the picture as said he was sorry but he did not do animals. That he was not good at them and even though he has tried he just never “got it”.

By then a crowd had begun to grow behind Kevin and were looking at the pictures and listening to me talk about the cats. I asked again if there was any way he would try and do a drawing of BC. As he began to say, again, that he couldn’t, he noticed the crowd. As he said “I really”, he paused, saw the crowd and said, “but I will try”.  As Kevin did the drawing, the crowd grew bigger and soon almost the whole room was over by Kevin and I.

Kevin did the drawing with a flourish of a master and then he came to the eyes. He blurted out “I can’t get the eyes”. I looked at him and said proudly “she was born without eyes. BC doesn’t have any eyes”. Kevin blurted out “then I’m done”. He did two slashes for the eyes and a balloon with B.C. He then signed it and gave it to me. As he walked off to do more drawings of the guests there, people were complimenting him for the drawing. A few stayed back and spoke to me about the cats and their disabilities.

Kevin has graciously consented to letting me make giclee prints available to help Critter Folks Rescuing Critters raise money for land for a  sanctuary and a building for a pet hospital to help rescued and handicapped animals.

Thank you so very much Kevin.