Critter Folks Rescuing Critters

We are Critter Folks.

We are a 501(C)3 non profit since 2009.

Kitty’s Gone Green came out of the need to provide a litter handicapped cats can use. We did have a complete web page but the maintenance became redundant and never kept up. So we can actually do more to let you know about the non profit side, we decided to use a page on Kitty’s Gone Green web site.

Meet Tony – Born May 2003 and was a great barn kitty. Then he got ill and is now recovering.

Tigger was a rescue in August 13, 2014  as a dying six week old kitten in an abandoned chicken hut. Sick and weak, she survived but with respiratory issues. She then had to have an emergency eye removal in November 2020. Tigger is now doing fine. She still has respiratory issues but she is monitored by the vet and only rarely needs medications.

Tigger December 17, 2021.

Reilly arrived with a severe emaciation in September 2021. She wasn’t expected to survive but she did. She is now spayed, and doing wonderful. Far better than expected. But one interesting fact has come out about Reilly. She appears to be a dwarf. She has a robust body with stubby legs. She is the same height as GinGin, a four year old dwarf Critter Folks Rescuing Critters saved.

Reilly September 24, 2021, two days after she arrived.

Reilly September 24, 2021.

Reilly Dec 2, 2021 with another visually impaired rescue, Sputnik.