Kitty’s Gone Green!TM 

Due to the damage of the fires in both 2020 and 2021, the white fir and pine is no longer available. The mills that produced the woods for the litter were burned and it does not appear that they will ever go back into business. 

Kitty’s Gone Green!TM litter business is no longer able to produce the litter with the quality virgin woods we had available before the devastating fires in 2021. The fires of 2020 raised the prices significantly but the fires of 2021 destroyed the forests and the mills that made the litter possible. 

I want to thank everyone who was a customer. it was a wonderful ten year venture and paid for a lot of veterinary bills and food for many feral cats. It was literally a lifeline for many a rescued cats. 

In order to continue supporting my nonprofit, I am going to focus on my artwork. I have been fortunate to meet professional artists and one even provided online tips of working with ink art. Another shared his graphite work in steps. 

So, with the closing of the door on litter, a new one opens for artwork. I still need funds through donations and I am still supporting rescues that would  otherwise face euthanasia or a sad, painful death. 

As I begin the new year, I have communicated with my fantastic web provider Misty who will be guiding me on a revised website. I hope to see it unveiled in February. It will combine both the nonprofit Critter Folks Rescuing Critters and Kitty’s Gone Green! Artworks.

In the meantime, please consider donating to Critter Folks Rescuing Critters. The entire donation goes to the cats medical and foods that are required like Tony’s Renal Stage foods and daily fluids. Tony was born May 2003 and was a great barn kitty. Then he suddenly began losing weight. Instead of letting him die slowly, one of the boarders got Tony to his vet. Tony was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism with early renal failure. Tony came to Critter Folks Rescuing Critters unable to stand and severely underweight. Almost two months later, Tony is active and putting on much needed weight. 

Tony receiving fluids December 10, 2021.

Tony a few days after he arrived November 4, 2021.

Our 501(C)(3) non profit is Critter Folks Rescuing Critters. Our goal is to save handicapped cats that would otherwise be euthanized, provide information about spay/neuter and promote pet therapy. We also help other non profits when funds are available.

We no longer use PayPal. We are moving to using Uncommon Giving and Square.


Square link will be coming soon.

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The cats that started it all are in Saved By A Whisker.