Kitty’s Gone Green!TM 

Committed to making a difference for animal rescue, improve the environment and making safe products for your pet and you.

Kitty’s Gone Green!TM Litter 100% no waste/biodegradable, compost and reuse in your yard for a 100% no waste litter that benefits plants and soil. Made exclusively from sustainable Oregon products using certified organic alfalfa with a special blend of pine and white fir (lumber mill by-products, not recycled pallets). Made in Oregon, it is safe for cats and kittens of all ages (including newborns). It is the only patented litter that can be used as a soil supplement and fertilizer or potting medium. If you have backyard chickens, use in the chicken’s house, then recycle into your garden for an organic fertilizer, providing nutritional benefits not only for plant growth, but for soil organisms as well. Use in your compost bucket inside the home for odor control and then discard into your compost pile to enrich your yards soil

The cats that started it all are in Saved By A Whisker.

Our 501(C)(3) non profit is Critter Folks Rescuing Critters. Our goal is to save handicapped cats that would otherwise be euthanized, provide information about spay/neuter and promote pet therapy. We also help other non profits when funds are available.

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