Whisker Crispers!

Whisker Crispers!TM

A division of Kitty’s Gone Green!TM

Whisker Crispers!TM   is our line of treats for pets. Because we support animal rescue and specialize in handicapped animals, we saw the need for a treat. Not only did it need to say “I love you” but it also needed to be made of quality ingredients, had great smell with appetizing flavor and was nutritional.

Kitty’s Gone Green!TM began the work to make a pet treat that meets these requirements. We also required that it be reasonably priced and sourced locally. After numerous experiments and taste tests, we created a cookie with appetizing smell, taste, gluten free and is nutritious. These cookies provided us a means to comfort the rescues while giving them a nutritional boost to recovery.

Using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free Millet Flour, we have a cookie that is not only delicious but provides quality nutrients. They include calcium, iron, magnesium, several B vitamins, potassium, manganese and selenium. We have six flavors available at this time for your dog, horse, pocket pets, ferrets. We have Mackerel Snaps for your fish loving kitties, puppies and ferrets:

  • Cinnamon Applesauce – millet flour, cinnamon applesauce, molasses, salt.
  • Ginger Molasses – millet flour, molasses, ginger, salt.
  • Allspice Pumpkin – millet flour, pumpkin, molasses, allspice.
  • Sweet Potato – millet flour, sweet potato, molasses, salt.
  • Carrot – millet flour, carrots, molasses, salt.
  • Peppermint Molasses – millet flour, molasses, peppermint, salt.
  • Mackerel Snaps – 80% mackerel, 20% millet flour.

Whisker Crispers!TM Dinner For Your Littlest Vegetarian is Oregon grown orchard, weed free timothy blend for your guinea pig, bunny, pocket pets and some reptiles. No hay is over 12 months old and each label shows the cutting and year of cutting. 

All proceeds help animal rescue. 

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