Whisker Crispers!

Whisker Crispers!TM

A division of Kitty’s Gone Green!TM

Whisker Crispers!TM   is our new product line. Because we care about your pet and you, we developed healthy, sustainable, traceable, environmentally friendly products you can safely give your pet and know it came from the Pacific NW! We use fish only from a Pacific NW fishery, USA sourced herbs/spices and Oregon grown hay.

Whisker Crispers Critter Chew!TM is a chew for Dogs and Cats. We use Pacific Whiting. Our Whiting is from a Pacific NW fishery, NOAA certified as sustainable and traceable, processed at sea and flash frozen on the ship for freshness. We vinegar cure the filets and then season them with a special salt free blend of herbs and spices as they begin to cook.

Whisker Crispers!TM Dinner for your littlest vegetarian is Oregon grown orchard, certified weed free timothy and alfalfa blend for your guinea pig, bunny, hamster, gerbil, mice, any pocket pet and some reptiles. No hay is over 12 months old and each label shows the cutting and year of cutting. We also do custom orders.

All the money raised from these products will benefit animal rescue. 

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*Patent #8505487
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