Kitty’s Gone Green!TM is dedicated to animal rescue. Your cat/kittens litter no longer has to be thrown  into some landfill that will do nothing to benefit anything! We encourage reuse of the litter for the benefit of soil and plants.

We are proud to announce that we are now a 100% NO WASTE manufacturer.

We are the only manufacturer in the litter industry whose by-product is a fertilizer using certified organic alfalfa. We are also the only litter that benefits the backyard chicken owner. Both by providing a healthy litter for your chickens but also providing you with the best, home-made organic garden fertilizer after your chickens is it. 

Your pet, you and the environment health is our primary concern as stated in our patent. Kitty’s Gone Green!TM  is also the only patented litter safe for newborn kittens.

We are a supporter of cat agility as a great exercise for your kitty and a wonderful opportunity for you and your cat to spend quality time together. Regardless of your kitty’s breed (or mix of breeds), you and your kitty can compete with the most regal of pedigrees and can become a champion in Cat Agility both locally and nationally.

10 pound with 5 premeasured packs for $21.99. 

16 pound with 8 premeasured packs for $32.99.

20 pound with 10 premeasured packs for $38.99.

24 pound with 12 premeasured packs for $44.99.

One 2 pound package for one week for one to three cats or one 2 pound package for two to three weeks for one kitten of less then 16 weeks of age. We ship USPS to reduce costs. We ship within 3 business days of receiving your payment. All prices include shipping in the continuous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. All packaging is recyclable.

As a result of PayPal defaulting to a prior address of some of our clients, we are now going to contact you by e-mail before shipping in the event the address comes as “confirmed” but different from your prior orders from PayPal and you have not notified our sales group of a change of address. It may add a few days for shipping your order but we want it arrive to you and not someone else and leaving you frustrated without litter for your fur-family member.

We want to thank our customers who experienced this “bad experience” but stayed with us and trusted us to get their order to them as soon as possible.


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All sales are final – the proceeds from the sale of Kitty’s Gone Green!TM is used to support non profit animal rescue. All information is strictly confidential and is not stored for any further use.  No information of buyer will be kept for any reason unless buyer requests in e-mail to sales@kittysgonegreen.com.

*Patent #8505487

Manufacturer not responsible for any use other than litter.

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